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    Guantai and you invite Korea International Green Energy Exhibition

    2018-03-14 作者:冠泰電子 來源:冠泰電子 分享到:

            Hebei Guantai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. participates in Korea International Green Energy Time: April 4-6, 2018 Venue: Daegu Exhibition Center. The Korea International Green Energy Exhibition is Korea's only solar energy exhibition. PHOTO, the authoritative magazine of the photovoltaic industry, has selected one of the world's top 10 and Asia's three solar energy exhibitions. The exhibition was founded in 2004 and is sponsored by the Korea Sunlight Association, the Korea New Renewable Energy Association, the Korea Energy News Agency, the Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center, and the Daegu Metropolitan Government and the Gyeongsangbuk-do Government. It is Korea's largest and Asia-leading international renewable energy exhibition. The world's top new energy companies exhibit and sponsor exhibitions, and dozens of professional media organizations from all over the world come to the exhibition for coverage.

          The company's exhibited products include: modular radiators, heat pipe radiators, water-cooled radiators, and insert radiators. The company's participation in this exhibition broadened its horizons, opened up ideas, advanced learning, and exchanges and cooperation. It took full advantage of this exhibition opportunity to exchange, communicate and negotiate with customers and distributors who came to visit and further enhance the company’s brand awareness. Influence, but also to further understand the product characteristics of the peer advanced companies in order to better improve their own product structure and give full play to their own advantages. Through this exhibition, we will continue to work hard to allow more people to understand and understand our brand "Guantai", Hebei Guantai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd!




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