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    Guantai invited you to 2017PCIM Asia Shanghai International Exhibition

    2017-05-27 作者:冠泰電子 來源:冠泰電子 分享到:

      PCIM Asia Shanghai International Power Components and Renewable Energy Management Exhibition is a well-known professional exhibition in China, in power electronics, intelligent sports and renewable energy management has a significant influence, Guan Tai heat sink will be in June 27, 2017 In the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall No. 2 Hall D76 held. The exhibition was organized by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Germany and the United States and the Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Company.

      The company exhibitors products: modular radiator, heat pipe radiator, water radiator, insulator radiator, and so on. The company to participate in this exhibition to broaden their horizons, open ideas, learning advanced, communication and cooperation, make full use of this opportunity to visit, and come to visit customers and distributors to communicate, communicate, negotiate, and further enhance the company's brand awareness and Influence, but also to further understand the characteristics of peer advanced enterprise products in order to better improve their product structure, play their own advantages. Through this exhibition, we will continue to work, so that more people understand our understanding of the brand "Guantai", Hebei Guantai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.!

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